• We will abide by the Brandeis Student Handbook Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and the MLH Code of conduct
  • Once you register for the event at DeisHacks.com, you will recieve an invite to our discord.
  • In our discord, there is a directory of non-profit challenges. You can target the non-profit's challenges with anything you can apply design to: a website, an app, a physical prototype, a business workflow, an event, a physical space, a marketing plan, a workshop pedagogy - literally anything you can design that will help the non-profit - make sure it aligns with their needs by reading through the "Non-Profit Challenges" section of the discord. For each non-profit there is an overview profile, SWAT analysis, and strategic analysis for each company.
  • We are asking for a unique, single submission for this event (not submitted to any other events), built this weekend & targeted at the challenges of the non-profit.
  • We would like only 1 submission per team. Hackers can only be a member of 1 team.
    Teams must be 2-6 people.